Traveler 4 Weeks 200 GB

Traveler 4 Weeks  200 GB
Rent a ready to use, plug & play wireless router for 4 weeks. Includes 200 GB data. Total is $ 708.00 and includes: $ 299.00 router deposit + $409.00 for 4 weeks prepaid subscription with 200 GB data included. Deposit will be refunded on return of router.
NZ$ 708.00
Days Required:

Traveler 4 Pack is the best way to stay connected to Internet during your occasional trip around New Zealand. You can have fast reliable broadband wherever you travel in New Zealand. Have your own internet connection with you. Do not count on hotel or motel WiFi in New Zealand as most hotels and motels in New Zealand have terible WiFi.

Just plug the router into you car, campervan, hotel room or boat and get instant wifi with broadband speeds up to 50 Mbps.

What you get with your Traveler 4 pack:

  • 1 x Huawei Wireless Broadband router with built in WiFi
  • 1 x power adapter 240 V 
  • 1 x power adpter 12V
  • 1 x magnetic mount exterior 3G/4G antenna
  • 4 x weeks router rental
  • 200 GB of data

Do you want to extend the hire period?

Yes ring us on 09 473 1879 and we will give the best option to extend the hire period for up to six weeks

Return of Deposit

Deposit will be returned in full at the time we receive the router back from you (same day return to your nominated bank account). We do not do cash return unless you paid cash when you hired the router. Router must be in working condition when returned. If router is partially demaged, we will reserve the right to estimate the cost of repair and deduct that amount from your original deposit, remaining to pay you the balance. If router is not returned within 14 days from the date your hire period expired then return of deposit is no longer available.

Courier fee

  • We will cover the courier cost when we send the router to you. 
  • You will have to cover the courier cost when you send the router back to us. 

Pick Up and Drop Off

Yes Pick Up and Drop Off in Albany, Auckland is available

Additional data usage

Additional data can be purchased at a rate of $ 3.50 per 1 GB