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Hotspot & Radius Server Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosted Hotspots allow operators to run and manage their hotspots from any location as long as they have access to internet. Wifimax offers hotspot cloud hosting service together with full 24/7 seven support.

From 1 Location to 1000 Locations

If you represent a larger business that has multiple locations, for example a cafe chain, you would love to have access to all your hotspots under the same one cloud account. Simply login to your cloud account and see or manage all your hotspots from anywhere.

Merchant Accounts

In some cases hotspots require a merchant account. A merchant account allows operators to charge credit cards and authorize access to hotspot. A cloud merchant account is always ready for you.

Vehicle Hotspots

If you are a tour operator or a bus company that offer wifi to their guests, then you will have a cloud hosted hotspot that allows you to see any hotspot (bus) on the move. WiFi in buses is delivered via the  3G/4G Network and it is an expensive service. Operators cannot afford to give guests free unlimited WiFi. They must manage the traffic and bandwidth with a cloud hosted hotspot.

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