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WiFi for Retail Centres and Shopping Malls

Enterprise-grade shopping centre WiFi solution, ensuring maximum speeds with 100% reliability to support operations and provide a positive experience for users.    

The Cafe

Fresh roasted coffee, exclusive teas & light meals


Buy 1 Coffe and Get 1 Cofee for Free

Only between 11:00 and 12:00 Today !

Public WiFi with Marketing & Advertising Tools


Offering Wi-Fi to your visitors should bring you some ROI. Our system will allow you to insert channel targeted ads through the Wi-Fi, giving you a chance to capitalize on this service.

Bandwidth Management

Each Wi-Fi user can have limited bandwidth. This way you can avoid having your Wi-Fi overloaded by one massive download. You can also see the names and faces of your user and you can blacklist any user any time..

Social Media Logins

Connect businesses directly with social profiles. Anonymous guests become real people and you can get access to their profiles, including real name, email, etc.*


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