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Large Venue WiFi Solutions

Stable and Reliable Large Venue WiFi solutions 

We can build and maintain a venue wifi solution for you to deliver a high quality, stable and reliable wifi service. WiFi in conference and meeting rooms is not ordinary wifi. It needs to support video streaming for a large number of users and to have capacity to connect hundreds of users simultaneously.

We can deliver a highly reliable venue wifi solution for you. References available on request ! Get in touch for a professional consultation. 

Our large venue wifi solutions

Independent Fibre Opics Based

Our venue WiFi solutions are build on fibre optics networks. If Fibre is not available in you area then we can install wireless AirFibre connections untill fibre will be available at your location

Commercial grade routers

We use high capacity routers with Dual WAN and load balancing. All connections have support for failover ISP. Our routers deliver support for up to 1,000 simultaneous users and support high bandwidth video streaming with QoS, security and networking features.

Commercial grade access points

We use commercial grade,latest technology wave2 wifi access points with unified multiple SSID and fast roaming

Cloud managed and monitored

Everything is cloud managed and monitored by our support team.

Hotspot Features

The hotspot delivers security, bandwidth management, marketing options on a landing page (optional) and the ability to monitor and control traffic on your network

How you can get our solution at your venue

There are 2 options to get our wifi solution installed at your venue.

Buy & Own/Operate It

This is a simple process. We offer free assessments and quotations. We come to you to assess the venue, design the wifi and provide with a free quotation to supply and install the wifi at your venue. After the installation, you own the wifi and operate it under your terms. No ongoing fees to us.

Partner with Us

If you prefer to partner with us, we can discuss an option where we install the wifi at no cost at your venue and operate it (lease the wifi service to your clients) on a shared revenue basis. In this case the wifi is fully maintained and manged by us

Do you need more information or would like to discuss options with us? 

Call us on 09 242 8111 or e-mail: info@wifimax.nz

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