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WiFi Solutions

Home WiFi Solutions

Home WiFi solutions for highly reliable wifi connectivity and 100 % signal coverage

Free Home WiFi Trial

Test WiFiMax for 1 week at no charge. Only purchase WiFiMax if you are happy with it

WiFi with Parental Controls

Parental Control solutions for your home wifi. control everything from your phone (App)

Warehouses WiFi Solutions

Get Ruckus commercial grade wifi for your warehouse. Get the most reliable technology in the warehousing sector

Long Range WiFi Solutions

Long range WiFi solutions for caravan parks, farms, building sites and more

Shopping Centres WiFi Solutions

Large scale WiFi solutions for malls, hospitals or large public areas

Hotel WiFi Solutions

Hotel WiFi solutions that delivers quality connectivity for your guests.

Motel Solutions

Hotel WiFi solutions that delivers quality connectivity for your guests.

Office WiFi Solutions

Corporate WiFi solutions for high performance connectivity, QoS and Office 365 integration with WiFi

Bus WiFi Solutions

Top quality bus WiFi solutions with Cradlepoint routers in the NZ 4G network.

Cafe WiFi Solutions

Cafe WiFi solutions that allows your guest to connect to your WiFi with their social media profiles

Point to Point Wireless 

Wireless Point to Point internet access. Extend your LAN.

Venue WiFi Solutions

Wifi Solutions for large venues. Complete WiFi and IT solutions for venues

Campground WiFi Solutions

Complete wifi solutions for campgrounds and accommodation villages

Apartment Complex WiFi Solutions

Wifi solutions and services for apartment complexes

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