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Low Cost Bus WiFi Solution

Low Cost Bus,Coach,Shuttle WiFi Kit

Highly reliable MikroTik based bus wifi kit with external magnetic base antenna

Only $ 399.00 + GST

  • kit delivered pre-configured. Plug & Play
  • No complicated installation required. DIY. Magnetic base antenna with 4 m cable included and power it up via cigarette lighter socket (cable supplied)
  • Includes SIM Card, Customized configuration and management portal
  • supports up to 100 simultaneous WiFi users

Monthly $ 139.00 + GST (unlimited data included *)

* the monthly fee $ 139.00 + GST includes unlimited 4G data. Data is distributed at full available speed in the Spark network for the first 100 GB and then unlimited data at a speed of 1.2 mbps

Hotspot and Login portal included

Before delivery, we configure the router for you so when you receive it you just plug it in and use the wifi. That includes the hostpot setup and the guest  login portal which is personalized with your business logo. Guests can then login to your wifi and the data usage can be automatically controlled by the router

Cloud management portal included

The router is connected to our cloud system for management and monitoring. You can login to your account anytime you want to manage your wifi and monitor activity. 

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